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Recruiting for performance

29 August 2014

When you have a position to fill, do you first consider the ultimate objectives of the role and the outcomes that a successful person will deliver? Or have you fallen into the trap of referring to a checklist of duties, ‘necessary’ skills and prior experience?

Whilst you may have a document that details the position and its association within the team, when recruiting for that position, you need to look beyond the responsibilities of the role and determine what effect that role will have. For example, will the person in the position need to grow and mentor a team? Or will they be instrumental in winning your next contract? There is a big difference between someone that is qualified for the job versus someone that will exceed your expectations of the role and continue to achieve goals.

Sure, there are many situations where there are ‘essentials’ or ‘must haves’ that are specifically required for the role, so if necessary, use these as the base and build the expectation of the position from there. By determining what you would like the incumbent to be able to achieve, in say, six or twelve months’ time, you’ll not only find you’ll have a deeper understanding of the person required, you’ll also be able to determine the right questions to ask during the recruitment process. By following these principals, you’ll be ensuring your make a much stronger quality hire. With the right person in that role you’ll have a greater confidence in your businesses performance which will, in turn, improve the bottom line.

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