Not your average office recruitment agency

Here at Office People, we like to shake things up. So, if you’re ready for a whole new experience in recruitment, then read on.

Office People is a locally owned business specialising in the placement of administration and white-collar workers in industrial and commercial industries throughout Perth and WA. We fill a variety of job roles from receptionists and accounts support staff through to more senior positions such as office managers, safety officers and external salespeople. While so far we may sound like your average recruitment agency, don’t be deceived. We are different because we offer:

Thorough and personal service

Where possible, we will always meet you face-to-face to first discuss your recruitment needs and maintain regular contact throughout the entire process. By taking the time to learn about your company culture and requirements, we ensure your precious time is never wasted on unsuitable candidates.

Superior expertise

Our recruitment consultants are all formally trained in effective and legislatively compliant competency and behavioural-based recruitment methodologies. We also follow unique processes including our ‘Job Journeys’ and ‘Partner Profile’ briefs which ensure we understand your requirements intimately for the best results.

Better value

With Office People, you get all the frills without the cost. As a small recruitment agency in Perth, our overheads are low yet our desire to succeed is high - meaning you get the best results for some of the most competitive rates in town.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We understand that there’s many reasons why you might choose to use a recruitment agency. Perhaps you’re short of time or lacking the right resources or experience. Or maybe you just simply prefer to leave it to the experts. Whatever the reason, we know how important it is to fill the position with not just any person, but the right person.

That’s why when you choose Office People, you’ll feel like our only client. You’ll be assigned both a dedicated account manager and a dedicated recruitment consultant to guide you through the recruitment process and generate the outcome you need.

Added services

With regards to payroll, we can assist clients who would prefer to administer payroll responsibilities internally whilst still having the convenience of casual staff. On the other hand, our payroll department can service clients who need to outsource the payroll of their workforce.

We can help support our clients through an exclusive payment alternative called “Your Staff,” suited to those who operate their own payroll, but require assistance in the areas of recruitment and staff management. This arrangement involves application of a flat weekly fee over a set period of time no matter what the hours, pay rate or position being filled.

And if you have unique requirements or would only like to utilise a part of our services, we’d be more than happy to help. Our full range of services are very flexible and can be tailored to suit a range of different businesses and situations. All you need to do is ask.

Peace of mind

If after all this you’re still not convinced that we could be the right partner for you, then let us help you make up your mind.

  1. We are the only company we know of that offers a money-back guarantee on our placements, giving you the option of a replacement or refund if things don’t work out.
  2. We guarantee our overtime rates will be the cheapest of any of our competitors.

Why not arrange a friendly no obligation chat with one of our consultants? Just drop us a line or fill in our short vacancy form to have a consultant get in touch with you.

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